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Target-Seeking Analysis

Aim of the resource

Target-seeking scenarios are a valuable tool for examining the viability and effectiveness of alternative pathways to a desired outcome, particularly when used in conjunction with appropriate decision-support protocols and tools.

Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<p>Indigenous and local knowledge is crucial for understanding the nature of the various drivers and the richness of their interactions in specific contexts.</p>
Potential benefits from using the resource
Allows for the identification of multiple potential pathways to a desired future vision.
Practical information
UN languages in which the resource is available:
Development stage:
Full, working product
Contact details
IPBES Secretariat

Also known as “normative scenarios”, target-seeking analyses represent an agreed-upon future target and scenarios that provide alternative pathways for reaching this target. They start with the definition of a clear objective or a set of objectives that can either be specified in terms of achievable targets (e.g. in terms of the extent of natural habitats remaining, or of food production self-sufficiency) or as an objective function to be optimised (e.g. minimal biodiversity loss).


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