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A sustainable biomass industry for the North American Great Plains

Aim of the resource

This resource aims to inform decision-makers about the potential that biomass cultivation holds for sustainable future development, and provide guidance for planning and implementing large-scale biomass-related programs.

Using the resource
Potential benefits from using the resource
This resource applies theoretical principles to the real-world example of the North American Great Plains to concretely illustrate their validity
Potential limitations from using the resource
This resource mainly considers laws and practices common to the United States, so there may be undiscussed barriers within other systems to which these ideas could be applied
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United States Geological Survey
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This resource provides background and guidance regarding the potential of sustainable biomass production to mitigate climate change and build an effective biofuel industry. The resource uses the example of the North American Great Plains to demonstrate how biomass production can have environmental, economic, and social benefits.


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