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Stakeholder Analysis

Aim of the resource

Stakeholders are all those people affected by a project/policy/study/decision or have an influence on its outcome. Stakeholder analysis helps to identify and understand how stakeholdes are affected by ecosystem services, how they influence them, and their role in (public) decision making. Stakeholder analysis allows fine-tuning the assessment design and provides vital information for effectively and meaningfully engaging stakeholders in the assessment process.

Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<p><u><strong>Time requirement:</strong></u><br />
• From a few hours, over some days up to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the actors´ landscape and the degree of detail sought. A stakeholder analysis can be done in different ways, and time and cost requirements differ according to the context.</p>

<p><br />
<strong><u>Type and level of expertise/skills needed:</u></strong><br />
• Local support may be required for identification and approach to potential stakeholder groups.</p>

<p><u><strong>Materials and equipment needed:</strong></u><br />
• Material for workshops, interviews, etc.</p>
Potential benefits from using the resource
Perspectives from diverse sectors can be included.
Approach to stakeholders may encourage engagement and support to the project or policy.
Identification of possible opposition to the project or policy.
Strengthens connections and favor knowledge among the involved stakeholders.
Increases the chances for the success of the project or policy.
Potential limitations from using the resource
Difficult to address marginalized stakeholder groups (e.g. how to invite women if they are working and carrying the children).
A broad inclusion of stakeholder is time-intensive and costly (limited resources or capacity need to be taken into account).
To gain buy-in, depends upon who is inviting and participating in workshops (consider existing conflicts between different stakeholders).
Assessment of effectiveness of the tool or instrument
<p>See Stakeholder analysis Method Profile (down below in "links")&nbsp;</p>
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Stakeholder analysis is a method used for identifying and characterizing stakeholders, their relationships, resources, and interests related to a project or policy issue. It is particularly useful for initial scoping of an ES assessment.


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