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In situ conservation of wild plant species a critical global review of good practices

Aim of the resource

The aim of this book is to provide readers with a broad understanding of the concept and methodologies of in situ conservation for target plant species.

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The Bioversity International Library

The book is based upon a global survey of existing guidelines, methodologies, case studies and other relevant literature on the in situ conservation of plant species, as well as current activities in this area by national and international agencies. This global review was undertaken as part of a UNEP/GEF project (EP/INT/204/GEF) entitled 'Design, Testing and Evaluation of Best Practices for in situ Conservation of Economically Important Wild Species', for which FAO was the executing agency. In preparing the review for publication as a book, we have taken the opportunity to revise the text and add further examples in order to make it suitable for the general reader interested in the subject of in situ conservation of species. We have tried to include examples from as many countries as possible, although much of the work in this area has up until now been undertaken in temperate regions. We have also provided an extensive bibliography which will allow the reader to explore many of the topics covered in the text in more depth.



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