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A Safe Operating Space for inland recreational fisheries

Aim of the resource

The SOS framework can aid managers in identifying a fishery’s SOS, maintaining that SOS, or taking action to restore an unsustainable fishery to a sustainable state. The SOS approach can also empower managers to reduce risk associated with changes beyond human control.

Using the resource
Potential benefits from using the resource
The SOS framework is flexible and can be applied to fisheries with different qualities and risk factors
The SOS framework may be generalizable to management of other natural resources, such as forests or wildlife
Potential limitations from using the resource
Further research on the relationships between different fishery qualities and unpredictable or long-term risk factors is needed
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Scale of application:
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This publication applies the “Safe Operating Space” or SOS framework to inland recreational fisheries management by determining the parameters under which harvest, habitat, predation, catchability, and other qualities of a fishery are sustainable. The publication examines these key qualities and the interactions between them, and offers suggestions for managers to adjust the framework and make decisions appropriate to the unique situation of each fishery.


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