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Pesticide Registration Toolkit

Aim of the resource

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit is a decision support system for pesticide registrars. It can be seen as a desk-top electronic handbook for day-to-day use by those involved in pesticide registration.

Practical information
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Contact details
Pest and Pesticide Management, Plant Production and Protection Division, FAO

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit has two types of tools. The first provide technical advice on procedures that apply to all pesticides undergoing registration – such as data requirements, testing guidelines, assessment methods, and decision-making steps. The second type are information sources on individual pesticides, such as registrations elsewhere, restrictions and bans, approved labels, maximum residue limits, pesticide properties, and scientific reviews.

The Toolkit also has a section on “special topics”, so far including highly hazardous and public health pesticides.

The Pesticide Registration Toolkit is under continuous development and can be expected to have new modules in the future.


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