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Natuurwaardeverkenner (Nature Value Explorer)

Aim of the resource
The Nature Value explorer focuses on pragmatic methods that value these ecosystem services and helps planners, land managers and policy makers to map nature’s socio-economic importance. Taking this into account may lead to more balanced policy and investment decisions.
Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<p>Almost no requirements needed. Some expertise on the study area needed.</p>
Potential benefits from using the resource
spatially explicit
Qualitative and quantitative calculation of how ecosystem services are being influenced.
Socio-economic value in physical and monetary terms.
no requirements needed
rural and urban version
Potential limitations from using the resource
subnational tool but possible to translate the framework to other regions
Sub/region where used:
Scale of application:
Practical information
UN languages in which the resource is available:
Other languages in which the resource is available:
Dutch (Belgium)
Development stage:
Full, working product
Contact details
inge Liekens, Steven Broekx
Phone number:
+32 14 33 67 79
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The nature value explorer is a free webbased tool that makes it possible to calculate the impact of a project on ecosystem services in a qualitative, biophysical and monetary way. It quickly assesses the impact and makes it possible to compare scenarios and discuss with stakeholders. The tool is spatially explicit for Flanders, Belgium. The user draws the case study area on a map and draws the different measures that are planned in the scenario. The tool collects the necessary input data from national maps and calculates the supply and value of different ecosystem services. It also translates the results to more comprehensible indicators so the results can be used in the communication to the public.


Subregions covered