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A Morphometric Approach for Stocking Walleye Fingerlings in Lakes Invaded by Rainbow Smelt

Aim of the resource

Managers can use the stocking tool’s morphometric model to estimate the minimum size of Walleye fingerlings necessary to establish a healthy population based on the size structure of Rainbow Smelt populations.

Using the resource
Potential benefits from using the resource
Presents a simple mathematical model to assist managers in making stocking decisions with high survivorship at low cost
Provides limited suggestions for other invasive species mitigation strategies
Potential limitations from using the resource
The Walleye stocking strategy only mitigates one particular negative effect of invasive Rainbow Smelt, as more research needs to be done regarding the relationship between the two species
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Practical information
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United States Geological Survey
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The stocking tool introduced in this management brief calculates the most appropriate size to stock Walleye fingerlings in lakes invaded by predatory Rainbow Smelt. The publication also suggests basic strategies for assessing the size structure of Rainbow Smelt populations, and increasing the effectiveness of Walleye stocking efforts.


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