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Aim of the resource

This is basic information to develop conservation strategies, and has been collected systematically for the prioritized tree species. The atlas is intended for students and professionals working in forest genetic resources or in forestry and nature conservation in general, and all those who want to know more about forest genetic resources.

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Evert Thomas, Hannes Gaisberger, Christopher Kettle

The distribution, diversity and conservation status of tropical and subtropical tree species is often poorly known. This makes it difficult to define and establish adequate conservation strategies of these important resources for timber, food, fibre and other tree products. MAPFORGEN is a collaborative platform of researchers and institutions that presents information to support the conservation of 100 socioeconomically important woody perennial species native to Latin America. It presents distribution maps and indicators of conservation status in combination with novel threat analysis. For those species with molecular marker data available, innovative genetic diversity analyses are being presented to prioritize populations for the conservation of the species’ genetic resources. In addition, data on the reproductive biology of these species is provided.


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