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Integrating socio-cultural perspectives into ecosystem service valuation

Aim of the resource

Clarifications of the concept of socio-cultural valuation and a structured listing of the available methodologies facilitate a better integration of socio-cultural values in ecosystem service assessments and help researchers and practitioners to choose methods from the available portfolio.

Using the resource
Potential benefits from using the resource
Clarification of how socio-cultural values can be defined
Overview of suitability of different methods for the collection of socio-cultural values
For every method advantages are listed
Potential limitations from using the resource
For every method constraints are listed
Practical information
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Development stage:
Full, working product
Contact details
Peter H. Verburg

This tool provides 1) a conceptual framework that sheds light on the different ecological and social factors that shape socio-cultural values, 2) an overview of quantitative and qualitative methods to assess socio-cultural values, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and 3) a framework to integrate socio-cultural ecosystem service assessments with ecological and economic assessments.


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