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EU Level Ecosystem Services Mapping Toolbox

Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<li>ArcGIS with Spatial Analyst and ModelBuilder or alternatively&nbsp;R with raster packages</li>
Potential benefits from using the resource
Relatively low data requirement
Suitable for assessing impact of EU policy options
Potential limitations from using the resource
Not to be used at local scale
Scale of application:
Practical information
UN languages in which the resource is available:
Development stage:
Full, working product
Contact details
Nynke Schulp

This toolbox contains maps of supply and demand of a few ecosystem services and the GIS tools to make such maps. The tools are targeted at the European Union level and provide a broad picture of ecosystem services supply and demand. Tools are moderately complex methods for mapping, that upscale findings from detailed process-based models to the European Union scale, based on land use and biophysical characteristics.


Subregions covered