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Environmental management toolkit for obsolete pesticides, Vols. 1-4

Aim of the resource

This toolkit aims to meet the needs of countries setting out on the long and complex process of managing their obsolete pesticide stocks.

Practical information
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Pest and Pesticide Management, Plant Production and Protection Division, FAO
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The toolkit is intended to support government ministries, project managers, regional and district officers, and storekeepers in planning a safe disposal programme for obsolete pesticides.

The system provided in the toolkit should enable countries to use local resources and to be as self-reliant as possible. The set of tools should help relatively inexperienced users to draw the same conclusions as would be drawn by specialists with many years of experience in obsolete pesticide projects.

The tool kit is accompanied by a training package that aims to develop national capacity to apply the methodologies described. Following a two-week training session, national teams should be able to complete the entire process of risk assessment and development of a management plan for obsolete pesticides.


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