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Ecosystems and Societies, a shared Future

Aim of the resource

Two converging aims :

  • Promote pluridisciplinarity in environmental sciences teaching and research,
  • Strengthen the capacities of analysis and dialogue of socioeconomic actors concerned by the transformation of ecosystems and involved in environmental actions. 

Both aims favoring adaptive socioecosystem management and biodiversity preservation (hence the ecological transition of societies).  

Using the resource
Requirements for using the resource:
<p>Acces to Internet</p>

<p>Understanding french (until translation of the videos)</p>
Potential benefits from using the resource
Practical (and documented) guide to interdisciplinarity in environmental sciences
Short videos, each on a key-question on (socio)ecosystem or biosphere dynamics and functioning
Potential limitations from using the resource
Understanding french (until translation of the videos)
Assessment of effectiveness of the tool or instrument
<p>Statistics on video watching&nbsp;by users (via Google analytics)</p>
Practical information
UN languages in which the resource is available:
Development stage:
Early access
Contact details
Anne Teyssèdre
Phone number:

This interdisciplinary web project explores the dynamics and functioning of socio-ecosystems and the biosphere, as well as tracks towards an ecological transition, through key questions asked to experts in different fields of environmental sciences. Brief presentations, in answer to these questions, are put online in the form of short videos (and related texts), organized in a thematic framework. 


Subregions covered