This resource evaluates different strategies for using citizen science to collect observational data on snow disappearance in the Pacific Northwest. The most successful strategy was found to be a collaborative education campaign, which met the project’s dual goals of generating useful data for a study on the influence of forest cover on snow disappearance timing, and acting as an effective public engagement tactic.

Aim of the resource: 

This resource compares the benefits and costs of three citizen science engagement strategies (professional networking, public outreach, and collaborative education campaign) in achieving the scientific and social goals of a project.

Using the resource
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Concretely documents actions taken during implementation of the three strategies, and compares the positive or negative results of each
Potential limitations from using the resource: 
Each distinct strategy was only implemented for one season, so the resource is based on a study over the course of three seasons, without repetition
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North America
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United States Geological Survey
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