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Case study

Participatory Modelling of Wellbeing Tradeoffs in Coastal Kenya (P-Mowtick)

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Dr Tim Daw

The project P-Mowtick developed a novel approach to explore and understand tradeoffs in wellbeing with regards to a fisheries system on the Kenyan coast. It is a set of tools and Processes for Participatory Modelling of Wellbeing Implications Ecosystem Service Tradeoffs. The social and ecological dynamics of this system creates complex tradeoffs for different stakeholders and between different management objectives of food production, conservation, and economic profitability. To explore these dynamics, marine ecosystem modelling was combined with participatory modelling of the social-ecological system, wellbeing research (Abunge et al., 2013) and scenario development, view and explore trade-offs between ecosystem services benefits to the wellbeing of different user groups under different drivers of change.