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Closed notifications

Notification Announcement Number Application period Deliverable Download
MEP nominations EM/2016/50 - MEP Download EM/2016/50
MEP nominations: Eastern Europe EM/2016/49 - MEP Download EM/2016/49
MEP nominations: Africa EM/2016/48 - MEP Download EM/2016/48
MEP nominations: LAC EM/2016/47 - MEP Download EM/2016/47
EM/2016/44 EM/2016/44 Pollination Assessment Download EM/2016/44
EM/2016/43 EM/2016/43 - Plenary Download EM/2016/43
EM/2016/42 EM/2016/42 - Plenary Download EM/2016/42
EM/2016/41 EM/2016/41 - Download EM/2016/41
Invitation to Fifth Session of IPBES Plenary EM/2016/38 - Plenary Download EM/2016/38
Invitation of Ministers to Fifth Session of IPBES Plenary EM/2016/37 - Plenary Download EM/2016/37