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How to Halt the Global Decline of Lands: New Paper Based on IPBES Assessment

The Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment by the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services shows that land degradation across the world is a widespread and severe issue, showing no signs of slowing . For a sustainable future, this trend must be halted and reversed.

Based on the findings of @IPBES  #LandDegradation and Restoration Assessment, Louise Willement et al. present 5 systemic policy barriers and 10 strategies to overcome them in a new paper in Nature Sustainability Magazine. 

Read the full paper on and the author insights in this "Behind the paper" article. 


Louise Willemen, Nichole N. Barger, Ben ten Brink, Matthew Cantele, Barend F. N. Erasmus, Judith L. Fisher, Toby Gardner, Timothy G. Holland, Florent Kohler, Janne S. Kotiaho, Graham P. von Maltitz, Grace Nangendo, Ram Pandit, John A. Parrotta, Matthew D. Potts, Stephen D. Prince, Mahesh Sankaran, Anastasia Brainich, Luca Montanarella and Robert Scholes

The full IPBES Assessment Report on Land Degradation and Restoration as well as the Summary for Policymakers are available for download here