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National Focal Point

To facilitate interaction between Governments and IPBES between sessions of the Plenary, each Government should designate one focal point for all IPBES activities.

To designate a focal point or a secondary focal point, an official letter should be sent from the relevant Government to the IPBES secretariat. In addition to the letter, the national focal point designation form, including full contact information for the focal point or secondary focal point, should be filled and returned to the IPBES secretariat. Letter and completed designation form should be sent by email to the secretariat at: The secretariat will make the necessary changes and/or update the corresponding database and the IPBES website once the filled form and accompanying letter was received.

To receive IPBES communications, the focal points need to register to the IPBES website following this link:

Important functions of IPBES focal points include:

  1. Endorsement of nominees for, e.g., IPBES task forces and expert groups;
  2. Arranging for the provision of integrated comments on drafts of scoping reports, assessments or other IPBES products, regarding the accuracy and completeness of the scientific, technical and/or socioeconomic aspects of the drafts, as Government review will typically be carried out among a number of departments and ministries.