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Name Role Nominating government/organisation Gender Nationality(ies)
Prof. Youngbae Suh Bureau task force/expert group member Male Republic of Korea
Dr. András Báldi Expert Hungary Male Hungary
Dr. Kalpana Chaudhari Expert Future Earth Female India
Dr. Debora Drucker Expert Brazil Female Brazil
Dr. Gregoire Dubois Expert European Union Male Belgium
Dr. Rainer Krug Expert Switzerland Male Germany
Dr. Melisa Ljusa Expert Bosnia and Herzegovina Female Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dr. Howard Nelson Expert Trinidad and Tobago Male Trinidad and Tobago
Dr. Xubin Pan Expert China Male China
Ms. Fatima Parker-Allie Expert South Africa
Dave Thau Expert World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Male United States of America
Mr. Bi Tra Aimé Vroh Expert Côte d'Ivoire Male Côte d'Ivoire
Ms. Isabel Sousa Pinto MEP task force/expert group member Female Portugal