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IPBES Conceptual Framework Offered as Best Approach to Understand Effective Pollinator Health Strategies

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A new opinion piece published by The Royal Society proposes the use of the IPBES conceptual framework "to link issues and identify critical gaps in both understanding and action for pollinators." In the article, authors Jane C. Stout and Lynn V. Dicks state that using the IPBES conceptual framework "reveals the centrality of addressing the recognized indirect drivers of decline, such as patterns of global trade and demography, which are frequently overlooked in current pollinator conservation efforts". The authors use the framework to emphasize the role of people and institutions in pollinator conservation. "To reverse drivers of decline, pollinator conservation strategies must take action on institutional indirect drivers of decline. Almost none of the strategic efforts currently in place do this explicitly," write Stout and Dicks.

The opinion piece was published in the June 2022 edition (Volume 377, Issue 1853) of the journal 'Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B: Biological Sciences'. The overall theme of this edition is ‘Natural processes influencing pollinator health: from chemistry to landscapes’.

Pollination assessment, Conceptual framework
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