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The Open-ended Network of IPBES Stakeholders

The Network aims at bringing together all stakeholders, and groups of stakeholders, interested in the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service (IPBES).

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This ONet webspace is an online working space for the ONet community. Make it alive!

You can directly post information on past and future events, on relevant publications or on engagement opportunities (see Events or Posts). You can also propose a topic to be discussed in the Forum. Working documents can be uploaded in that space.




Everyone interested in contributing to the work of the platform, but also in advancing the involvement in IPBES of scientists, conservation organizations, businesses, indigenous people and local communities and other civil society actors, is welcomed to become a member of the Network and ask questions, share experiences, post relevant news, and exchange opinions. The Open-ended Network of IPBES Stakeholders is a self organized initiative, from stakeholders for stakeholders, and is managed and moderated by a group of volunteers from different organisations and networks.