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IPBES capacity-building forum

Monday, 07 December, 2020 - Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
Event type:
Task force

Annual meeting of the IPBES capacity-building forum.

The IPBES capacity-building forum is a key vehicle for facilitating engagement, building cooperation and further enhancing collaboration among those supporting the implementation of the IPBES capacity-building rolling plan. This fourth meeting of the forum is undertaken in the context of the work of IPBES on encouraging the establishment and developmentĀ  of national and (sub)regional science-policy platforms and networks engaging in and supporting its work (under objective 2c of its 2030 work programme).

The objective of the meeting is to catalyze knowledge exchange and increase collaboration and support among existing national and (sub)regional platforms and networks, IPBES members that aspire to facilitate the establishment of a platform or network and the organizations and institutions that could support such efforts. Participants will be invited to share knowledge on the establishment of national and (sub)regional platforms and networks; on how these platforms and networks can engage with, contribute to and benefit from the work of IPBES; and on efforts supporting such platforms and networks.