​​​For the IPBES Core Indicators, we kindly ask that authors send any information or data related inquiries to the TSU of Knowledge and Data Task Force at ipbes.kdtsu@gmail.com, who will support the correspondence between assessment groups and indicator providers to coordinate the effort on resource request and dissemination. Thank you for your cooperation.

​​*DPSIR - D: Drivers, P: Pressure, S: Status, I: Impact, R: Response
**Conceptual Framework (CF) - DD: direct driver, NCP: nature's contributions to people/ ecosystem goods and services, BEF: nature/biodiversity and ecosystem functions, IGID: institutions, governance and other indirect drivers, GQL: good quality of life/human well-being
***Chapters - 2b: Regional assessments, 2c: Global assessment, 3bi: Land degradation and restoration assessment 
****Biodiversity Indicator Partnership (BIP) - B: indicators in BIP global suite, BP: data/indicator holder in BIP partnership