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Core indicators

List of core indicators selected for use in IPBES regional assessments and global assessment

Aichi Target Specific Indicator DPSIR¹ CF² GA Chapter³ RA Chapter⁴ LDRA Chapter Origin⁵ BIP⁶ Source
4 Ecological Footprint P DD 2,3 2(AM, ECA)   CBD B Global Footprint Network
4 Water Footprint (Human appropriation of fresh water) P DD 2,3 2(AM) 5 CBD   Water Footprint Network
4 Percentage of Category 1 nations in CITES R IGID 3     CBD BP Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
5 Biodiversity Habitat Index S DD, BEF 3     CBD   GEO BON - CSIRO
5, 12 Species Habitat Index P,S DD, BEF 3     CBD   GEO BON - Map of Life
5 Forest area as a percentage of total land area  S DD, BEF 3 3(AM, AP), 4(AP)   CBD B FAO
5 Trends in forest extent (tree cover) S DD, BEF 3 4(ECA), 5(AP)   CBD   Hansen et al., 2013
5, 7, 14 Total wood removals S,I DD, NBP 3 2(AM, AP, ECA),4(AP)   Future Earth BP FAO
6 Trends in fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council R IGID 2,3 1(AP), 2(AM)   CBD   Marine Stewardship Council
6 Estimated fisheries catch and fishing effort P DD, BEF 2     CBD   Sea Around Us
6 Proportion of fish stocks within biologically sustainable levels S BEF 3     CBD B FAO
6,14 Inland fishery production S, I BEF, NBP 3 2(ECA)   Future Earth BP FAO
6 Marine Trophic Index S DD, BEF 3     Future Earth B Sea Around Us
7 Proportion of area of forest production under FSC and PEFC certification R IGID, DD 2,3 2(AM) 3,6 CBD B Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
7 Nitrogen Use Efficiency P DD 3   3 EPI   Lassaletta et al., (2014) from Environmental Performance Index (EPI)
7 Nitrogen + Phosphate Fertilizers (N+P205 total nutrients) P DD 2,3     Future Earth BP FAO
8 Trends in pesticide use P DD 2,3     CBD BP FAO
8 Trends in nitrogen deposition P DD   4(AP, AM) 4 CBD B International Nitrogen Initiative
11 Percentage of areas covered by protected areas - marine, coastal, terrestrial, inland water R IGID 2,3,5 2(ECA), 3(AM), 4(AF, ECA)   CBD B UNEP-WCMC, IUCN
5, 11, 12 Protected area coverage of Key Biodiversity Areas (including Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, Alliance for Zero Extinction sites)  R IGID, DD 2,3 3(AM, AP), 4(ECA)   CBD BP BirdLife  International, IUCN, Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE)
11 Species Protection Index P,R IGID, DD 3     CBD   GEO BON - Map of Life
11 Protected area management effectiveness R IGID, DD, BEF 3 6(AP) 6 IPBES BP UNEP-WCMC
11 Protected Area Connectedness Index R DD, IGID 3 4(AF)   CBD   GEO BON - CSIRO
12, 14 Biodiversity Intactness Index  P,S DD, BEF 2 3(AF)   CBD   GEO BON - PREDICTS
12 Red List Index  S BEF 3 3(AM, AP, ECA)   CBD B IUCN, BirdLife International and other Red List Partners
13 Proportion of local breeds, classified as being at risk, not-at-risk or unknown level of risk of extinction S BEF, NBP       CBD B FAO
14 Percentage of undernourished people I GQL 3 2(ECA)   Future Earth BP FAO
17 Number of countries with developed or revised NBSAPs R IGID 2,3 1(ECA), 6(AP)   CBD B Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
19 Proportion of known species assessed through the IUCN Red List  R IGID 3     CBD BP IUCN
19 Species Status Information Index R IGID, BEF 3     CBD   GEO BON - Map of Life


¹ DPSIR - D: Drivers, P: Pressure, S: Status, I: Impact, R: Response

² CF (Conceptual Framework) - DD: direct driver, NBP: nature's benefit to people/ ecosystem goods and services, BEF: nature/biodiversity and ecosystem functions, IGID: institutions, governance and other indirect drivers, GQL: good quality of life/human well-being

³ As of Second Order Draft.

⁴ AF: Africa Assessment, AM: Americas Assessment, AP: Asia-Pacific Assessment, ECA: Europe and Central Asia Assessment

⁵ CBD: Convention of Biological Diversity SBSTTA 20 draft indicator list; Future Earth: recommended by Future Earth indicator group; EPI: used in the Yale Environmental Protection Index; IPBES: added by the IPBES Task Force for Data and Knowledge

⁶ BIP (Biodiversity Indicator Partnership): B: indicators in BIP global suite, BP: data/indicator holder in BIP partnership