The United Nations Environment Programme’s Regional Office for Africa (UNEP ROA) together with DEWA and DEPI held a two-day Africa Region Consultation on IPBES from Friday 7 to Saturday 8 May 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya.


The Consultation brought together leading biodiversity and ecosystems services scientists from the African governments, to discuss some of the key questions regarding the need for an IPBES and, if needed, how an IPBES mechanism might most effectively provide information to policy makers and other users.

This Consultation attracted participation from 57 participants, representing 39 countries and UN agencies. It provided a unique opportunity to prepare for the 3rd meeting on an IPBES, that took place from 7-11 June 2010 in Busan, the Republic of Korea.









Jonathan W. Davies
National Focal Point /CBD
Environmental Protection Agency (Liberia)

Question:  As an expert in the area of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, do you feel that you always have the correct science upon which to base policy decisions!?



Alfred Oteng-Yeaboah
Professor in the University of Ghana
Former Deputy Director-General CSIR (Ghana)

Question:  What do you consider to be the greatest needs for bridging the gap between Science & Policy in the area of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?



Shonisani M. Munzhedzi
Chief Director, Biodiversity Management
National Department of Environmental Affairs (South Africa)

Question:  Do you see value in a global mechanism on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?



Abdou C. Chadhouliati
Ministère de l'Agriculture,
de la Pêche et de l'Environnement (Comoros)

Question:  What are your country capacity building needs in the area of area of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services?