IPBES and capacity building

An informal exploration of capacity building needs and options


UNDP, the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management are working together to support discussion on IPBES and capacity building. This is not a formal part of the IPBES process, but part of a collaborative effort by three interested organizations to building understanding of related capacity building needs and the support tools that will be needed to address them.

The aim of this questionnaire is to further explore key capacity building needs for improving the science-policy interface with respect to biodiversity and ecosystem services, building on what has already been learnt from submissions made by Governments and other stakeholders (synthesised in information document IPBES/1/INF/10). While this questionnaire is not part of the formal process preparing for the 2nd IPBES Plenary meeting, responses will help inform discussion there.

In responding to the questions below we do not expect substantial detail, but rather ‘bullet point’ indications of barriers, needs and responses. If more detail is needed in order to understand your comments, we will contact you, and this is the only reason we need your contact details. Any report that we write up on the results of this questionnaire will reflect trends in the answers and will not attribute comments to individuals or organizations.

Finally, please complete this questionnaire by Sunday, 15 September 2013 based on your own experience or that of your organization. We are trying to move away from generic statements and ‘wish lists’ to practical needs and responses based on the experience of individuals working in this area.